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During my years in Portadown College, I shot and edited video for various projects.

Whilst studying A-Level Moving Image Arts, I developed skills in filming and editing video, and put those skills to use in extra curricular activities.

Every year, Portadown College held a student-run event titled "House Music", where each college house (MacCallum, Shillington and Seale) put on a show of live music and short films, accompanied by the comedic routines of the selected comperes. I belonged to the MacCallum house. In 2013, I volunteered as a video editor and was called upon to edit the intro video to my house's segment.

The video is centered around Gary, a hungover student who was meant to act as compere for House Music. Gary is tasked with finding a new compere, and is forced to turn to "The Last Resort".

It's without a doubt one of the cheesiest and cringiest videos you will ever watch, but I love it.

In 2014, my final year in Portadown College, I volunteered once again to assist in producing videos for house music. I had developed some possible ideas for videos, but none were fleshed out enough to make the final cut (I did shoot some of my ideas, but none ever seen the light of day, and thankfully never will). I instead worked with ideas already developed by my fellow students, and assisted with filming.

Shot by me: 0:10-0:19

Shot by me: 0:41-0:49, 0:51-0:57, 1:02-1:09, 1:17-1:28

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