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For my HND Graphic Design "Final Major" Project, I decided to take on the D&AD's Dazed Brief

The Brief...
Dazed Media is the world’s leading independent media brand for fashion and culture, which reaches the world’s youth through both print & digital channels. To celebrate turning 25 this year, Dazed Media set a brief through D&AD, to make a series of four 15-second films that "Declare Independence", and a 30-second production log video explaining the process.

Creative Process...
Taking into account Dazed's strong links with fashion and culture within music, I explored the Glam Rock and Punk Rock movements, since independence is a recurring theme within both. Having found my focus, I acquired Student Liscencing to "Own Little World" by punk artist Celldweller, along with its remix by Blue Stahli, and formed a 'campaign' around it.

I created the four videos with a narrative in mind; the first two videos showing two factions from Glam and Punk backgrounds clashing against each other; the third video showing the characters finding a common enemy in the establishment, and the fourth video showing the characters taking arms against the system.
I decided to take this brief one step further and create accompanying print media in the form of four collectible magazine covers, each one based around one of the four models used.

Please visit our Instagram (thestewartmurdock) for the final videos and magazine covers

Having created the final piece, I then launched it in multiple forms. Firstly, I digitally entered the videos into D&AD's 'New Blood Awards', I then entered the full campaign into SRC's annual STEM Awards, of which I got the 2nd Prize in the Communication category. After that, I expanded on the presentation for SRC Graphic Design's End of Year Show and CollegesNI's BEST Awards, which featured an in-board screen which played the videos on loop.

SRC STEM Awards 2016

CollegesNI BEST Awards 2016

SRC Graphic Design End of Year Show 2016

Special Thanks...
A massive thank you to the cast and crew involved in the making of this project; our models Ross Johnston, James Boyce, Ruth McCallister and Emma Henry were fantastic to work with. Pamela Murdock provided our hairstyles, makeup and assisted with costuming. Pamela, along with Greg McMullan, were also on board as Assistant Directors, and without them things would certainly not have went as smoothly.

An extra thank you to the folks at SRC; my tutor Michael Toman, my Deputy Head of School Chris Hobson, and our Technician Stephen McDowell worked diligently towards #OwnLittleWorld reaching its maximun potential.

Thank you to D&AD, Dazed, SRC and CollegesNI for the opportunities to showcase my Final Major project and thank you to Celldweller, Blue Stahli, FiXT and Position Music for not only granting liscencing for music, but also promoting myself and the campaign around the social media landscape.

I would also like to thank everybody else that I connected with while taking #OwnLittleWorld on tour. I hope you enjoyed looking at my work as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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