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During my HND Graphic Design Marketing Module, I was tasked with rebranding and

relaunching a Coca-Cola Product.

I chose Kia-Ora, a squash drink sold in the UK and Ireland. The brand takes its name from the Māori term

“kia ora”, a greeting with the literal meaning of "be well/healthy”. The product is sold in 2L plastic bottles at £1

and therefore has a brand image of an inexpensive drink.

It was first created in Sydney in 1903, and then arrived in the UK in 1917, available in orange and lemon. Soon after, other variants were created. The brand became incredibly popular from the 1970s onwards, with a series of colourful, animated adverts launching in 1982 and 1987, which used the jingle "We all adore a Kia-Ora", and featured a child in a straw hat, a dog called Fedora who served the drink, and multiple crows who pursued the boy for a drink. The advert still resonates with popular culture, however rivals such as Robinson’s have since overtook Kia-Ora in the UK, and the brand has fallen into obscurity. The Coca-Cola Company couldn't keep up with the wide range of flavours and styles of Kia-Ora, which led to it discontinuing almost all variations, excepting no-added-sugar orange and no-added-sugar mixed fruit.

I decided to relaunch Kia-Ora since its success has remained extremely low in recent years, and I believe that holding on to the dated branding has contributed to its lack of success. And so I restrucured the entire brand from the ground up, beginning by expanding the original target audience of young children aged 3-10, to the whole family. Taking Kia-Ora’s previous campaign of the birds, the boy, and the dog, I decided to refresh/update it for today, illustrating a roster of characters in Adobe Flash. From there I decided on a simplistic and modern colour palette and typeface combination, and created a label for the relaunched product.


The art style took a lot of influence from the late Edd Gould's style in Eddsworld; a webtoon originally created by Edd. The colour palette is in-part inspired by the colours of the sand and sea. In my logotype I got rid of the dash between “Kia” and “Ora” and I will carry this across to the rest of the brand.

In the label, I reorganised the information in a way that would allow for priority. Doing this also gave me the space to incorporate my promotional idea of giving away stationary kits. I would swap out any use of the colour orange with a colour that corresponds to the particular flavour of the bottle (ie. Mixed Fruit = Purple).

I then applied the brand to a Poster, T-shirt, Website, Stationary Set and Facebook Page.

Planned Marketing Strategies included:

  • Forming a partnership with Disney to create promotional packaging featuring “Moana”, a 2016 film themed around Māori culture (similarly to Kia-Ora),

  • Maintaining the brand image of an inexpensive drink by offering it at 99p per 2L bottle (since this ties in with Coca-Cola’s psychological strategy of ending the price with ‘9’),

  • Ensuring that the marketing is considered ethical, focusing on the fun nature of the brand, as well as attempting to feature multiple ages, genders, cultures, sexualities, and abilities, and

  • Creating concepts for a wider variation of flavours, as well as introducing ‘Regular’, ‘Diet’ and ‘Zero’ variations of each to not only provide more of a choice, but to also tie in with the rest of Coca-Cola’s brands.

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