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During my first year in HND Graphic Design, I received a job opportunity to work with Fourteen 4.

Fourteen 4 is a Banbridge company founded by Maire and Maria McAnearney, that specializes in stylish, affordable designer reception desks and home cocktail bars.

SRC were approached by Maire with the opportunity of paid work, to create a book which showcases Fourteen 4's work. This involved photography, image manipulation and editorial design, using existing assets and working within the constraints of Snapfish's photo book creator. This was a very exciting live brief to work on and it helped build my experience as a freelancer.

Upon finishing the book, Maire and I agreed for me to continue working with Fourteen 4 as a Social Media Marketer, for the next 6 months. This involved managing accounts, creating regular posts, video editing and image manipulation. This continued until the start of second year Graphic Design.

Fourteen 4 was a great client to work with.

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