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Since 2010, upon first hearing Celldweller in a Call of Duty Montage, I have been closely following FiXT.

FiXT is a Media Company founded by Klayton. From trailers for films like Pacific Rim, to video game soundtracks like Killer Instinct Season 3, there's a good chance you've already heard music from FiXT, even if you didn't know it.

FiXT has also expanded out into merchandising, retail, licensing, book publishing, branding, publicity, and YouTube monetisation, so even to refer to it as simply a Music Label would be scratching the surface.

To-date the FiXT Artists I listen to are...

  • Celldweller

  • Scandroid

  • Circle of Dust

  • Argyle Park

  • Blue Stahli

  • The Qemists

  • The Algorithm

  • SeamlessR

  • Voicians

Street Team
As of November 2015, I have been a part of the FiXT Street Team. This largely involves carrying out voluntary missions, both digitally and in-person. As such I'm the only Street Team member from Northern Ireland, and one of few members from the UK & Ireland.

As of current I have promoted FiXT via Social Media, iTunes Reviews and sending download codes to friends that are new to FiXT. Outside of these set missions I have also contributed towards Wikipedia Pages, used FiXT's Music in other projects, participated in FiXT Remix Competitions, published Spotify playlists featuring FiXT Music, and generally played FiXT's Music wherever I can (mostly in my car).

In the near-future I plan to invest in becoming a local distributor of FiXT's Music, turning this voluntary experience into work that pays.

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