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In the buildup to the launch of the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy,

Activision announced a competition to create an idle animation.

The Crash N.Sane Trilogy is a collection of the first games from the Crash Bandicoot series, fully remastered from the ground up. As a massive fan of the series, I was extremely excited to hear of Crash's return after a 7-year hiatus.

As part of the launch, Activision gave fans the opportunity to submit drawings, videos, GIFs, photos or written descriptions to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #CrashIdleContest, detailing what fans think Crash should do when idle.


The winning idle animation will be included within the game itself and the winner will receive a copy of the game and a t-shirt.

For my submission, I created a looping Adobe Flash animation of Crash texting. During this, I experimented with various techniques; keyframes, tweening, onion-skinning, and smearing were among the techniques used. I then brought the video into Sony Vegas, where I incorporated some sound design and text effects, and exported as a square format video (to better suit Instagram).

The art style is my original cartoon art style, which I have developed over a number of years, with influences from Gravity FallsNigel Parkinson and Edd Gould.

I really enjoyed this side-project and may pursue simple Flash animation further in the near-future.

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